Staff Spotlight: Why I love nursing

Published: Monday 21st September 2015


ACU is famous for quality nursing education, and we employ them too. Registered Nurse Sally Synnott works at the ACU Health Clinic at the Brisbane Campus and loves her job. 

“I love being a nurse. I feel blessed to have witnessed the beginning, the middle and the end of life. I think it is a very privileged role that is diverse and rewarding. Now I’m looking forward to being surrounded by patients, students and staff in ACU’s learning environment,” she said. 

The ACU Health Clinic operates as a general practice that provides services to students, staff and the public. Sally works with Dr Marisa Rebula, GP, Amanda Morris, PM, Robyn Germain and Leanne Martin, reception and Margaret Rebgetz, psychologist. 

“Until now, majority of our patients are students commencing or updating that their vaccination status. Though over the past few weeks, more staff members and people from the general public are starting to utilise our convenient services on campus,” Sally said. 

General practice covers a wide range of medical issues including occupational and travel vaccination, acute and chronic health, wound management, mental health, antenatal and general health checks; along with acute emergency medical management. 

“That’s the beauty of general practice; just when you think you have a predictable day, unexpected emergencies arise,” Sally said. 

“The physiotherapy student guided clinics also operate from the ACU Health Clinic, and with the construction of the new building underway, it won’t be long until we have student-guided exercise science, speech pathology, occupational therapy clinics. 

“It’s really complimentary working parallel with the students and their clinical leads, as it adds another dimension to my job. “

Sally comes from a long line of family members spread across the medical field. 

“We have doctors, nurses, pharmacists, specialists, midwives and allied health, which I must admit comes in handy,” she said. 

“So although I did not enter nursing directly from school, I guess it was only a matter of time for me to pursue it as my career. After working in day surgery, I ‘fell’ into the position of Practice Nurse when a GP friend asked me to setup a new purpose-built clinic. 

It was not an area of nursing Sally was too familiar with, but over many years of expanding this very fast paced clinic, she discovered general practice nursing offers so much. 

“Throughout these years, I immunised at numerous staff influenza vaccination clinics at different schools, and was a regular guest speaker at a private girl’s school promoting nursing as a career; co-incidentally the paramedic speaker is a colleague at ACU,” she said. 

“When my eldest child transitioned into high school, I decided it was time for a change. I spent some time as a Clinical Nurse with the School Based Youth Health Program, and then joined the team at the ACU Health Clinic Banyo campus in April 2015."