Staff feedback sought on pay date change

Published: Wednesday 18th June 2014

Earlier this year, the ACU Staff Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017 was approved by the Fair Work Commission – and the new Agreement came into effect on 19 March 2014.  The Agreement includes a provision to change the fortnightly pay cycle, and staff are encouraged to attend an information session to understand how this change will take place. 

Currently, staff  are paid in advance (i.e. before a full fortnight of work has been completed).  The change to the pay cycle will result in staff being paid in arrears (i.e. after a full fortnight of work has been completed). 

The Agreement provision includes a requirement to consult with staff before the change is implemented.  A proposal to implement the change to the fortnightly pay cycle has been developed and an outline is provided below. 

Pay Date Change Proposal

Under the proposal, the pay date will be moved back by one week as a once-off occurrence in November 2014.  Information Sheets have been prepared to provide further information. 

As part of the consultation process, videoconference Information Sessions have been organised for 20 June, 3 July and 10 July 2014. Further information about the Information Sessions and the University’s proposal to change the pay cycle is available on the Change to the Pay Date webpage. There is also an email address to receive your questions, issues and suggestions by 14 July 2014. 

The change to the pay cycle will affect every staff member and all staff are encouraged to read the Information Sheets available on the webpage and attend or watch an Information Session (the first session on 20 June will recorded and made available from the webpage).