SPSS Data Preparation and Inputting Without Tears

Published: Wednesday 21st September 2016

Melbourne, North Sydney 8 October to 23 October.

This short course (two five-hour ‘hands on’ practical sessions) is comprised of lecturettes and practicums, designed for beginner to intermediate SPSS users.

Learn how to use SPSS for preparing, inputting, modify, coding, and selecting data gathered by questionnaires, databases, or other forms of data collection instruments.  It will be taught in a computer lab through a combination of lecturettes, group discussions, and hands-on practical activities. There is no set text.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The Windows environment as applicable to SPSS
  • Key elements of a SPSS 'job' - defining, entering data and running jobs
  • Preparing data for analysis,
  • Raw data files - using both pull down menus and syntax, SPSS files and data from other packages
  • Selecting and modifying data
  • Creating new variables
  • Output files - formats, data analysis procedures.

It will also involve some of the file handling features of SPSS, including merging of both cases and variables.

This course is not a statistics course, but rather a course that will facilitate the correct procedures and practices to input research data, enabling the utilisation of statistical tools and complex statistical analyses.

Session details:





8 October

9 October

9am - 3pm

9am - 3pm


22 October

23 October

9am - 3pm

9am - 3pm

How do I register?

Please register via
Staff Connect no less than two working days before the workshop.  Please use the following code to register.


SPSS Data Input Without Tears

For further information please contact Janeen Lamb.