Spanish and Italian now offered at ACU

Published: Wednesday 21st September 2016

ACU is excited to announce the launch of the Diploma in Languages. Open to staff, students and the community, the Diploma in Languages will be offered collaboratively by the Faculty of Education and Arts and ACU International, with the language units taught through the ACU Language Centres.

Initially the languages available will be Italian and Spanish - driven by the development of ACU’s Rome Campus and by partnerships with prestigious Catholic universities in Latin America, such as The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in Santiago – one of the highest ranking universities in Latin America.

Chris Riley, Executive Director International noted that, “this is an exciting initiative and is critical to the University’s internationalisation agenda, opening up new opportunities for our students and for international collaborations”.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students across all faculties have the opportunity to complete a Diploma in Languages in Spanish or Italian in conjunction with an ACU degree. The course is available to domestic students, and to International students who hold an appropriate visa.

The Diploma in Languages is also open to members of the university and to the community, and individual language units can be taken on a non-award basis.

ACU undergraduate students have the opportunity to complete the Diploma of Languages in the same timeframe as their degree. They must successfully complete 40 credit points in their undergraduate degree before commencing the diploma. In addition to the six language units (either six Italian or six Spanish units), undergraduate students take two designated faculty units, which may be credited to their degree and to the diploma.

The course is part time with language units offered in three study periods each year: Summer Term, Semester One and Semester Two.

The diploma will be launched in North Sydney and Melbourne in the Summer Term of 2017, in Brisbane and Strathfield in 2018 and in Ballarat and Canberra in 2019.

Graduates from the Diploma of Languages will benefit professionally as well as personally by developing fluency in an additional language. As well as language skills, students will gain a deeper understanding of intercultural communication and possess the ability to interact and negotiate appropriately and respectfully across a range of cultures.

Students planning to study abroad in Rome or with one of ACU’s Latin American or Spanish partners should be encouraged to enhance the quality of their experience by developing their language skills prior to travel.

Find out more about the Diploma in Languages or email about how to apply.