Sorry Day - a time for healing

Published: Wednesday 17th June 2015



ACU Sorry Day Event – Kutcha Edwards

On the 26th of May 2015, the ACU proudly hosted the charismatic and entertaining Kutcha Edwards in the front foyer of the Mary Glowery building, St Patrick’s campus, Melbourne.  

As Sorry Day is an event on the National Calendar, our event’s main purpose was to make all aware the fact that Indigenous children were forcibly removed under two government policies; the Assimilation and Dispersal policies.  

It was also an opportunity for those affected to heal through acknowledgement of the existence of such policies inflicted by governments of the time.

Through the experience we listened to stories from a living member of the Stolen Generations Victoria, as Mr Edwards was removed from his family at the age of 18 months.  

Kutcha’s story is not one of guilt and shame, and it is in no means an attempt to make ordinary Australians feel this way; feelings are personable and one is the beholder of such emotions.

His story, through song, was an enlightening and educational journey for those who were present, and the attempt to make aware and/or remind us of a very shameful chapter in Australian history; in the hopeful attempt it is never repeated!

Kutcha’s performance was very well received by all and the event was well attended by staff and students alike and was followed by an informal morning tea, providing a chance for all to discuss, share and be part of a significant day for all Australians.  

The important Welcome to Country was provided by Wurundjeri Elder, Uncle Colin Hunter and the significant presence of the Associate Vice Chancellor Dr John Ballard ensured the event’s success and message were well communicated.  ACU would like to thank all those who attended, contributed and immersed themselves in the day’s message.