Service Matters Update

Published: Monday 16th June 2014

Dear Colleagues

On 1 June 2014 we launched the new ACU service strategy, the Service Matters Framework.

We also launched the Service Matters website, which is a platform for sharing information about the Service Matters Framework. ACU staff can use it to exchange ideas on ways to improve services at ACU and track the progress of the various improvement initiatives across the University. The website contains a video and presentation and regular progress updates, including the results of the Service Matters Survey that gauged staff perceptions of service quality across ACU and identified areas for service improvement.

The Shared Services Steering Group is continuing to focus on the following next steps of the service strategy:

  • Implementation of the Service Lead concept across the University. The Service Leads play a key role in the Service Matters Framework and have a mandate to determine how professional services at ACU are defined and delivered. They will also finalise the ACU Service Catalogue for communication to the ACU Community.
  • Finalisation of a Service Improvement Register that consolidates all the staff feedback on suggested service improvements (workshops and survey) and identifies follow-up actions by Service Leads. 
  • Progressing the translation of the ACU Service Principles into all aspects of ACU operations (position descriptions, induction, performance management, training and development, policies and communications).

These steps will be undertaken within ACU’s existing management framework and, as far as possible, within existing university processes. When the service delivery processes are in place via the Service Leads, sustainable service improvement changes will begin to be implemented.

If you have taken the time to provide feedback on your service improvement priorities, thank you.

I will continue to update you on the Service Matters Framework via my monthly update in the Staff Bulletin and the Service Matters Website.

Should you have any queries regarding Service Matters please contact or visit the Service Matters Website.

Regards, Stephen