Service Matters Framework

Published: Monday 14th July 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Following its launch on 1 June, I am pleased to report on the progress of the Service Matters Framework. In this update, I particularly want to highlight three important service matters milestones.

ACU Service Catalogue

Following the Service Activity Review and the Service Workshops, we have finalised the ACU Service Catalogue. The Catalogue lists all of the professional services delivered across ACU under their service leadership, including a list of sub-services under each of the 21 service categories. The Service Catalogue gives us a comprehensive list of all services and importantly for the first time identifies a Service Lead who has responsibility for the delivery of the service.

Service Lead Responsibility Statement

As indicated above, one of the key features of Service Matters is the identification of Service Leads with responsibility for delivery of services across ACU. A Responsibility Statement has been developed that will help guide Service Leads as they implement their mandate on how professional services are defined and delivered at ACU. Included in the statement is a glossary of terms that explains the various elements of the Service Matters Framework.

ACU Service Improvement Register

Throughout the Shared Services Review there were hundreds of suggestions for enhancements to service delivery at ACU. All of the service improvement suggestions received from staff have been consolidated into a Service Improvement Register that outlines how the university is responding to the issues raised. The Register will ensure we have a co-ordinated approach to service improvement.

The ACU Service catalogue, Service Lead Responsibility Statement and Service Improvement Register will be available on the Service Matters Website from 1 August, 2014.

As part of their mandate, Service Leads will establish a Service Working Group, comprising a small team of key stakeholders, to review their service category and identify service improvement priorities in addition to the Service Improvement Register. An explanation of how they will go about this important work is outlined in the Service Lead Responsibility Statement.

There are two key examples of work being done to address identified service issues:

Space Bookings Project - to implement an effective and efficient system for managing the booking and scheduling of ACU spaces for multi-purposes including teaching, events and meetings.

Project Management Framework Project - to develop and implement an ACU project management framework, including policy, methodology and reporting.

Information regarding these two projects will be available on the Service Matters Website from 1 August, 2014.

Whilst we are implementing whole of university-change through the Service Matters Framework, each of us has a role to play. Regardless of the service you and your team delivers (and who your service recipients might be) I encourage you to consider how your service delivery serves the diverse needs of our students, our staff and our University.

If there are things you think can be done better or differently, please discuss them with your colleagues or supervisor, or forward any suggestions to or visit the Service Matters Website.