September Provost Update

Published: Monday 8th September 2014

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to be able to share with you some recent highlights from the work of my Portfolio:

Academic Quality

The Academic Board plays a pivotal role at ACU as the peak body responsible for academic matters relating to the University. Structured within ACU's Academic Portfolio, led by me; the Academic Board is Chaired by Professor Margot Hillel, a Standing Committee of the University Senate.

A focus of the Board's work is Quality Assurance and aligning and overseeing the work of committees such as Courses and Academic Quality Committee and the Academic Administrative Committee.

A key focus of the Academic Board has been the establishment of the TEQSA Renewal Registration Working Party, formed to ensure ACU has a coordinated approach to the renewal process and ACU's application in 2015. Chaired by Professor Hillel, Working Party members include representatives from faculties and OPSM.

A priority for the Academic Board going forward is the inclusion of greater discussion on strategic matters, including dialogue with ACU's Vice-Chancellor and myself as Provost.

Professor Hillel will be representing ACU as a Panel Member at the "University Governance and Regulations Forum" to be held from 16 to 17 September 2014 in Melbourne. This forum will provide the opportunity to raise the profile of ACU in the field of Higher Education reform and regulations.

Further integrating Executive Education Planning with Faculties

ACU Executive Education, under the leadership of Mr. Tom Ristoski, has begun working with each faculty to embed longitudinal plans. These plans will incorporate targets, key priorities and milestones regarding Executive Education activities with each faculty and will link to ACU's Strategic Plan.

It is important that the strong collaboration between faculties and Executive Education is continually fostered and joint planning with each Executive Dean will assist with this aim.

ACU Executive Education is also working with faculties, following-up the strong leads generated as a result of the first Stakeholders Meeting at the new ACU Leadership Centre in Brisbane. Some exciting opportunities for ACU in the Executive Education were canvassed, to be pursued by our faculties and ACU Executive Education.

MBA Launch at ACU Leadership Centre


Professor Susan Dann and guest speaker Professor Michael Drew

Under the leadership of Professor Susan Dann, National Head of School, Faculty of Law and Business; ACU's MBA Executive is now delivered at the ACU Leadership Centre, at Cathedral House, Brisbane.

The first units, Finance and Corporate Governance were held in late August/early September and constituted the first academic programs to be offered at our new premises. A new model has been implemented- the introduction of MBA Experience Evenings as a regular feature of the MBA Executive teaching weekends. The model allows for the inclusion of a networking function with a leading guest speaker, prior to classes beginning.

The guest speaker at the recent ACU Leadership Centre function was Professor Michael Drew, who discussed sustainable retirement income based on his extensive research in lifestyle investment strategies, to an audience of 70 attendees. Future ACU students mixed with current Executive MBA students as well as key stakeholders, such as representatives from the Catholic Education Commission. The MBA Experience Evenings provided a forum to promote the faculty's offerings and strengths in the field of Business.

Financial support for the model is via the Provost's Postgraduate Enhancement funding and linked to the Postgraduate Strategy. Professor David Spencer, A/Executive Dean, Faculty of Law and Business notes that the model is 'a great example of Postgraduate funding hard at work, extending ACU's footprint with the aim of attracting students to our business programs'.


Lecturer Ellen McBarron and ACU Business alumni