Separating sacramental & secular marriage: A proposal (public lecture)

Published: Monday 23rd June 2014

With rising divorce and separation rates, problems over annulments, and the calls for gay marriage, some would see the institution of marriage as under threat.  It has been suggested that one way of addressing the issues would be to separate sacramental marriage from secular marriage. In this lecture Professor Paul Griffiths will explore what this might mean. 

Date: Monday 2nd July
Time: 6:30 – 8:00pm
Venue: Mercy Lecture Theatre, Melbourne Campus

About Professor Paul Griffiths 

Paul Griffiths is the Warren Professor of  Theology at Duke University.  His main intellectual interests and topics of publication include post-1950 Catholic philosophical theology questions arising from religious diversity; Augustine; and Gupta-period Indian Buddhist thought. The most recent book is Song of Songs: A Commentary and his current project has the working title Contracting Intimacy: A Theology of Sex, Marriage, and the Law.