Senate Digest 18 June 2014

Published: Tuesday 8th July 2014

Digest of Senate Meeting 3/2014
held on 18 June
at the MacKillop Campus, North Sydney

Acting Chancellor/Pro-Chancellor's Report

Mr Exell outlined the events for the day and welcomed all Senators to the meeting especially Professors Mary Courtney and Tony Ciro who were recently elected as the academic staff representatives.

Apologies were noted from Mr Stephen Elder, Ms Moira Najdecki, Archbishop Christopher Prowse and Dr Daniel White.

Vice-Chancellor’s Report

Senate received and noted the Vice-Chancellor’s report which included information on:

  • The direction of Commonwealth Higher Education Policy and its possible effect on ACU;
  • The Futures Project;
  • Enrolment figures;
  • Identity and Mission matters;
  • Staff matters;
  • University profile, marketing and events.


Senate approved the following:

  • The award of an Honorary Doctor of the University to Archbishop Dominque Mamberti for his sustained commitment to the extension of the principle of the dignity of humanity and the common good through diplomatic service of the Holy See.
  • The award of an Honorary Doctor of the University to Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle DD, SThD in recognition of his outstanding pastoral leadership, highly effective communication of the Faith, service to the mission of the Church and unswerving advocacy for social justice.
  • The following names for spaces and buildings at the McAuley at Banyo Campus in Brisbane:
  1. Building T to be named "Saint John Paul II Building";
  2. Building I to be named "St Therese of Lisieux Building";
  3. The facility leased in Cathedral Precinct (CBD) to be named "The ACU Leadership Centre, Cathedral House, Brisbane";
  4. The main entrance driveway to the University from Nudgee Road to be named "University Drive"; and
  5. The new campus Link Road, linking Nudgee Road (via University Drive) and Earnshaw Road to be named "Beehive Lane".

  • Changes to Statute 2.7 - The Centres, Academies and Research Institutes to include Clause 2.7.4 with respect to the organisational arrangements for the operation of a University Academy. Short url:

  • ACU's framework for student consultation concerning the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) in accordance with the requirements under the Student Services, Amenities, Representation and Advocacy Guidelines; and Senate noted areas of expenditure for SSAF funds in 2013 and proposed expenditure in 2014. It was noted that the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Students Learning and Teaching would liaise with the ACUNSA President on the Consultation Framework.
  • Amendment to the Academic Board Terms of Reference to include the "Dean of Research"; to its membership. In approving the revised Terms of Reference, Senate approved consequential amendment to Statute 2.5 -The Academic Board. Short url:

  • Renewal of the title of Adjunct Professor: Mr Chris Sidoti and Professor Wayne Morrison for a period of three years to 18 June 2017.
  • Renewal of the title of Honorary Professor: Dr Anne Benjamin and Professor Dr Rudolf Straesser for a period of three years to 18 June 2017.
  • Award of the title of Honorary Professor: Professors Malcolm Prentis; Geoffrey Romeo; and Sue Kildea for a period of three years to 18 June 2017.
  • Award of the title of Honorary Professor: Professor Nel Glass for a period of two years to 18 June 2016.
  • Reappointment of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Greg Craven, for a third term to 31 December 2020.


Senate received and noted the following reports:

  • Standing and Finance Committee meeting of 13 May 2014;
  • Academic Board meeting of 7 May 2014;
  • Ceremonial and Protocols Committee meeting held on 30 May 2014;
  • Annual report for the Canberra Chapter;
  • Annual report for the Victorian Chapter and report of meeting of 26 May 2014;
  • Annual report for the Queensland Chapter;
  • 2013 Plunkett Centre Annual Report; and
  • 2013 Faculty of Theology and Philosophy Annual Report.

Mr Paul Campbell

Acting Chief Operating Officer

11 July 2014