Seeking Unit Applications for PASS Program 2016

Published: Monday 1st June 2015

Applications are currently being sought for units to participate in the 2016 PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) Program at ACU. If you believe your unit would benefit from being supported by PASS, please contact your Head of School for a copy of the PASS Unit Application Package and to discuss the application process. Approved PASS Unit Application Forms must be received by the Student Retention Coordinator no later than Monday 29 June, 2015.

PASS is a free, voluntary, academic assistance program that utilises peer-led groups to help students succeed in challenging subjects. 

PASS is typically attached to first-year units with historically high failure/withdrawal rates, or units that are perceived by students as technically or conceptually difficult.PASS is led by students who have successfully completed the unit in the past and achieved excellent results. PASS Leaders are recruited, trained and supervised by accredited, on-site PASS Coordinators.  

PASS is completely funded, maintained and coordinated through the PASS Program within the Student Success Unit, Office of Student Success. PASS is not intended to create additional work for Faculties but rather to support and compliment your teaching. PASS Sessions do not replace attendance at lectures or tutorials.

PASS has been shown, both here at ACU and at other institutions, to increase the grades and reduce the failure/withdrawal rates of students who attend regularly compared with those who do not attend at all.

To find out more about the PASS Program at ACU and how to put forward your unit for inclusion in the 2016 PASS Program, please visit the PASS Website or contact Lisa Boys, Student Retention Coordinator: