Important update regarding rolling over a LEO unit for 2015

Published: Friday 23rd January 2015

Links to readings need to be reactviated in the Copyright Database when a LEO unit is rolled over for a new semester. 

Please contact or your Liaison Librarian or the Online Readings team at your campus library. Let them know the unit code and semester you wish to roll over from and to.

What is the copyright database?

Australian Copyright Law requires the University to record the communication of copyrighted material via LEO.  ACU Library manages this through the Copyright Database which has now moved to Equella-CAL. 

What you can do

Consider encouraging students to retrieve required reading material directly from the Library web page.

  • The library subscribes to over $3 million worth of electronic resources
  • Students can copy and paste article or book titles directly into 'Library Search' and retrieve them on or off-campus, sometimes from a choice of platforms

If you prefer to provide the content directly via LEO

  • There is no change to procedures for creating links to online library eResources (eJournals or eBooks)
  • Library staff will continue to scan copyrighted material for inclusion in the new copyright database (CAL)
  • Library staff will continue to record bibliographic (meta) data in CAL
  • Links can be created while editing or creating a LEO page
  • If you are rolling over a LEO unit simply let your local campus library know the unit code and semester or email 
  • The procedure for linking to copyright material (online readings) is very similar to linking to any content in Equella

How are links created?

A range of help resources have been developed by LTC and the library