New workplace health and safety reporting portal released to students

Published: Monday 25th July 2016

Students can now submit reports of incidents, injuries and hazards within riskware, ACU’s workplace health and safety reporting portal. The new portal replaces the hard copy ACU Incident and Injury Form and is accessed from the HR website. Staff members and students log in to the system with their network user ID and password and can easily log reports via this user-friendly system.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility

One of the ways that staff members and students contribute to our safe campuses is by reporting incidents, injuries and hazards. Staff members also encourage other staff members, students and visitors to log reports to ensure that safety risks are managed and learnings can be identified from these reports. Staff members may also log reports on behalf of students if they are injured or are reluctant to use riskware.

Learnings identified from incident reports

Whenever reports are logged, they are reviewed and actions may be applied to reduce potential risks of harm. These reports are sent to nominated supervisors, academic and professional staff who are encouraged to apply corrective actions to incidents or resolve hazards.

These staff members are able to access Quick Reference Guides from the HR website to support them to manage the reports which are logged by their team members, students and others.