Revised HR policies and procedures

Published: Monday 7th November 2016

The University continues to review and update HR and related policies and procedures following the approval of the Australian Catholic University Staff Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017 (the Agreement) that came into effect on 19 March 2014, and as necessary to ensure compliance with legislation and consistency with other University policies.
The following revised HR policies and associated documents relating to a range of employment provisions were considered by the ACUSCC at the meeting held on 20 October 2016. Following consultation, the Vice-Chancellor has approved the following updated documents, effective from 31 October 2016:
  • Medical Assessment Policy
    This Policy has been renamed (was Separation from ACU for Medical Reasons Policy) and updated to provide clarification including in relation to University obligations under section 352 and regulation 3.01, Fair Work Act and Regulations.
  • Staff Appeals Policy
    This Policy has been updated to ensure consistency with other University policies including the Protected Disclosures Policy.
  • Certificate IV in Business Administration Policy
    This Policy has been updated to reflect the changes in the course structure. The course is no longer Government funded, and the revision removes the requirement to not be holder of a Degree or Diploma to be eligible to apply for a scholarship.
  • Management of Staff Unattached from Substantive Position Policy
    This policy has been updated to be consistent with the ACU Staff Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017 and the Internal Secondment and External Secondment policies.

Further, HR has commenced integrating the Capability Development Framework (CDF) and the Academic Performance Matrices and Evidence (APME) with people management processes. The following HR policies and related documents have been revised to incorporate the CDF and the APME:

The updated documents are available on the Policies & Procedures pages of the ACU website under HR and may be accessed via the links embedded above. You may need to refresh the individual policy page to ensure that the latest version of the policy is displayed.
Accordingly, the Vice-Chancellor has revoked the following previously implemented policies, with effect from 31 October 2016:
  • Separation from ACU for Medical Reasons Policy (dated 9 December 2015)
  • Staff Appeals Policy (dated 5 June 2008)
  • Certificate IV in Business Administration Policy (dated 25 March 2014)
  • Management of Staff Unattached from Substantive Position Policy (dated 4 August 2014)
  • Recruitment and Selection Policy (dated 2 July 2013)
  • Recruitment and Selection Procedures (dated 17 June 2014)
  • Professional Staff Performance Review and Planning (PRP) Policy (dated 12 December 2012)
Please contact the HR Advisory Service on extension 4222 or if you need assistance accessing the website.