Returning to work after parental leave

Published: Monday 18th July 2016

The University’s Parental Leave Policy has been revised to provide increased support for staff. The changes affect staff with 104 or more weeks of completed paid continuous service who access the additional 40 weeks of paid parental leave at 60 per cent pay (over and above the 12 weeks at full pay provided to staff with at least 52 weeks of service). The policy no longer requires the undertaking to return to work following parental leave. The change also applies to staff currently on parental leave, and who are currently eligible and taking additional leave when on parental leave.

To offer increased support for staff, ACU has updated the Parental Leave Policy to remove any obligation for staff to return to work for six months after accessing 40 weeks of parental leave at 0.6 of their salary (Refer Clause 7.1.3 (iii) of the Policy). The change to the policy was considered by the ACUSCC at the meeting held on 23 June 2016. Following consultation, the Vice-Chancellor has approved the updated document on 11 July 2016. You can access the revised policy on the ACU Policy Website.

Managers and supervisors should note that this change of policy also applies to staff who are currently on parental leave in addition to staff who take parental leave in the future.

ACU’s leading practice parental leave provisions support staff in managing their family responsibilities and work-life balance, and have resulted in high retention rates, with over 90 per cent of staff returning after a period of parental leave.

This change is a shift to engage with staff and stay connected during parental leave. Staff members and their supervisors are strongly encouraged to visit the Supporting Parents webpage which contains resources for each stage of preparing for, taking and returning from Parental Leave. Handy checklists are available for both staff members and their supervisors and these can help ensure a smooth transition when taking parental leave and when staff members return to their role.