New research update from ICPS

Published: Wednesday 25th February 2015

The Institute of Child Protection Studies (ICPS) has released a new research update, which includes information about current research projects.

ICPS aims to enhance the well-being of children, young people and families through quality research, evaluation, training and community education; and is based within the Learning Sciences Institute Australia, in the Faculty of Education and Arts.

The February 2015 update provides information on the following current research projects:

  • kContact: Keeping contact between parents and children in care
  • Developing an understanding of how children understand and experience safety in institutions
  • Refugee Communities Intercultural Dialogue: Building relationships, building communities
  • Child Protection Practitioner Survey
  • The needs and experiences of biological children of foster carers
  • Outcomes of identifying AOD use during pregnancy on women, their parents and their children

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