Research Update from Institute of Child Protection Studies

Published: Monday 21st December 2015

This Research Update provides information on the current projects being undertaken by the Institute of Child Protection Studies (ICPS).

ICPS aims to enhance the well-being of children, young people and families through quality research, evaluation, training and community education.

The Research Update aims to keep stakeholders informed about the projects we are undertaking. The December 2015 update provides information on the following current research projects:

  • Managing Ethical Studies on Sensitive Issues (MESSI): Involving children in social research
  • kContact: Keeping contact between parents and children in care
  • Developing an understanding of how children understand and experience safety in institutions
  • Safe and Sounds: The safety of young people in residential care
  • Child Protection Practitioner Study
  • ‘Growing our Spirit’: Improving the evidence base for community-developed assessments of kinship carers of Aboriginal children
  • Evaluation of the Youth Hope Program
  • Building Capacity in Family Support Service: Provision of evaluative support services to FaC service providers

This update is available to download from the ICPS website.