Research Seminar - Thinking Through Embodied Grace

Published: Monday 11th May 2015

‘Thinking Through Embodied Grace: Metaphorical Understandings of Grace in the Thirteenth Century’

Presented by Dr Jennifer Carpenter, ACU Strathfield

This paper explores the ways in which the sometimes elusive concept of ‘grace’ is understood in 13th-century saints’ lives from the Low Countries (present-day Belgium). We shall see that in the Lives of Lutgard of Aywières, Arnulf of Huy, Abundus of Villers and Beatrice of Nazareth, grace is depicted as a fundamentally embodied experience.  The paper will draw on contemporary conceptual metaphor theory to expose the structure of that metaphorical network, and reflect on the significance of the ‘grace’ revealed in these saints’ lives.

Physical Location:
Meeting Room VC Room 2.45 (Strathfield)
Videoconference Rooms:
Level 5 - Video Conference Room 5.30 (Melbourne)
Meeting Room 5.03 (Ballarat)
Meeting Room AC.22 (Brisbane)
Meeting Room 1.10 (Canberra)
Meeting Room Level 16 (North Sydney)
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