Research Ethics workshops 2016

Published: Tuesday 12th April 2016

The ACU Human Research Ethics Committee will host a number of workshops across various campuses during 2016.  These are open to research staff and students across all disciplines.  Representatives of the Ethics Committee will visit North Sydney/Strathfield, Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne campuses during the year to present workshops and to meet with researchers for “roundtable” discussions.

Workshops and roundtables will be pitched to address the different needs of ACU’s research community.  HDR students and supervisors, ECR researchers and researchers who are new to ACU, will benefit from an introduction to the on-line (ORION) ethics application process, and an insight into the practical and ethical issues that commonly arise with applications.  More experienced researchers, already familiar with ORION and the completion of application forms will have the opportunity to discuss issues and challenges that arise in their research.

Susanna Gorman, Research Ethics Manager, will present the morning workshops at Strathfield on Friday 29 April together with members of the university’s Human Research Ethics Committee. In the afternoon, Dr Robert Stevens from the NSW Department of Education will offer insights into conducting research in NSW public schools, concentrating on navigating the SERAP (State Education Research Applications Process) approval process. Mr Peter Grace (State Coordinator for Student Wellbeing, Catholic Education Commission NSW) will also contribute to the discussion with insights about the intricacies of conducting research within the Catholic system.

All workshops, seminars and roundtables will be interactive and questions are encouraged.  Workshops will be held face-to-face to encourage discussion.

The workshops and roundtables will commence at Strathfield Campus on Friday 29 April, and will be located in the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education (IPPE).




9.30 – 10.30

The Ethics Application Process at ACU

  • How   to complete the ORION online application
  • Common   ethical issues

Susanna Gorman (ACU Research Ethics Manager)  & Members of the HREC

11.00 – 12.00

Ethical Issues in research

  • consent
  • risk
  • recruitment

Susanna Gorman (ACU Research Ethics Manager)  & Members of the HREC

12.00 -

Lunch break

12.45 – 1.45

Ethics Roundtable – ethical issues in the field

Susanna Gorman – Research Ethics Managers & Members of the HREC

2.00 -3.30

Conducting research in NSW Catholic and Public Schools

  • SERAP   Process

Dr Robert Stevens (NSW DoE)

Mr Peter Grace (Catholic Education Commission NSW)

Questions about the workshops and roundtables may be directed Susanna Gorman (ext 2519,

Bookings for individual sessions should be directed to Dr Linda Riek at IPPE (

Introduction to Research Ethics at ACU: The online ORION ethics application process explained

This workshop is intended for students and staff who are unfamiliar with ethics at ACU. This workshop will explore the online ORION form and explain how the system works, and what the ethics committee will be looking for.  The workshop will cover the different types of approval options, timing, and risk, consent and other ethical issues.  The workshop will also touch upon the responsibilities of students and supervisors to research participants as well as to the University, and explain the importance of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

Ethical issues in research

This workshop will concentrate upon the most common ethical issues that arise in research, in particular risk/benefit, consent and recruitment, as well as what to do if something goes wrong.

Roundtable for experienced researchers: Ethics and research

This roundtable is intended for more experienced researchers who wish to engage in dialogue with the Ethics Committee about the challenges they face in their research.  This is an opportunity for frank dialogue, with an emphasis on collegial problem solving.

Seminar: Conducting research in NSW Catholic and Public schools

Researching in schools is complex and ethics approval from ACU may not be sufficient.  For example, NSW public (DoE) schools require an additional layer of approval from SERAP (State Education Research Approval Process), whilst Catholic schools may have additional concerns.

This is an opportunity to meet with Dr Robert Stevens from NSW DoE, who will explain how the process works, and what DoE requires from researchers.  Mr Peter Grace (State Coordinator for Student Wellbeing, Catholic Education Commission NSW) will also contribute to the discussion explaining the requirements for conducting research within the Catholic sector.