Reminder: Academic Performance Review and Planning (PRP)

Published: Monday 1st September 2014

It is time for academic staff members and their supervisors to begin planning their annual performance review and planning (PRP) discussions.

To support the PRP process, information sessions will be conducted that provide guidance for supervisors and staff members in preparing for these meetings.

Sessions will provide practical hints and tips for staff members and supervisors that will assist with the successful completion of each stage of the PRP process. They will also give an overview of the updates pertaining to the recent changes to academic working arrangements.

It is recommended that supervisors encourage their team members to attend the staff sessions before their initial PRP meeting.

The PRP process is crucial to the University's achievement of a culture of performance excellence. It provides a framework for planning staff members professional and career development and ensuring that their work and development aligns with the strategic objectives of the University.

Register now for an information session. 

Session details for Supervisors:

  • Tuesday 2 September Video conference 12-1pm
  • Monday 29 September Video conference 12-1pm
  • Tuesday 4 November Video conference 12-1pm

Session details for Staff:

  • Thursday 4 September Video conference 12-1pm
  • Wednesday 1 October Video conference 12-1pm
  • Thursday 6 November Video conference 12-1pm

To register 

Please register via Staff Connect.
Search for Course Type Code: PRPASP (supervisor session) and PRPAST (staff session).

For registration enquiries please email

Contact information
For more information about the session, contact Anne-Marie Bennett - Project Officer, Human Resources by phone: 02 9739 2591 or email.