Reflecting on our Mission

Published: Monday 24th October 2016

Rebecca Rushton, Associate Director, Workforce Strategy, Human Resources is enjoying being an advocate for the University’s mission following a recent trip to the Mission Integration Institute (MII) at the University of San Diego.

Ms Rushton was one of a number of ACU staff who attended this year’s trip, which took place in June. For the past four years, ACU has been sending staff to the MII to provide an opportunity to explore and reflect on our Catholic identity and Mission. The MII program is designed for entry-level and mid-career professionals working in Catholic higher education.

The program included presentations by staff at the University of San Diego, group work and breakout sessions all centered on developing a deeper understanding of the University’s mission and how to carry it through to daily work.

Ms Rushton said: “It helped me think through how to approach problem solving in a mission-aligned way. It is important to strive for the best and right outcome in all the circumstances for everyone involved.  In previous organisations, I was often in the position of working to the best outcome for the business, and factors like the common good and the dignity of the human person were not quite as in focus as they perhaps could have been.”

Ms Rushton would like to encourage supervisors to bring mission thinking into everyday problem solving with their teams, especially when the outcomes affect people – which “is going to be most of the time in an organisation that runs on the talents of its people rather than on sales of widgets.”

“I am interested in finding ways to build on what we already have in place to engage our people around mission and its everyday application to how we work at ACU,” Rebecca said.  “We have a great opportunity to firmly anchor our organisational culture in mission, vision and values.  These form the wellspring of attributes that we would look for and drive in a culture that supports the University’s performance and sustainability now and in the medium and longer term.”

Further information about the Mission Integration Institute can be found here.