Redefining business through better negotiation

Published: Tuesday 21st October 2014

Even the most seasoned business professionals need training to take their negotiation skills to the next level. That's where the Executive Negotiation Program at ACU Executive Education comes in. We've been helping professionals like you gain a competitive advantage at work, in life, and at the bargaining table. From improving working relationships to resolving seemingly intractable disputes, our executive education programs help you gain the upper hand.

The three-day Executive Negotiation Program is offered at the North Sydney Campus on 28-30th October 2014 at a fee of only $1,670.45 for staff.

This three-day intensive negotiation program is perfect for executives who infrequently engage in formal negotiations but who wish to achieve a new level of flexibility in their thinking, and learn practical skills that will optimise every interaction.

For more information please contact Anita Prabhu on 02 9739 2403 or