Recruiting volunteers for an excavation in Israel

Published: Monday 26th September 2016

ACU graduate Zachary Thomas is seeking volunteers to take part in an archaeological excavation in Israel.

Zachary, a Bachelor of Theology alumnus and now PhD student in archaeology and history of ancient Israel at Macquarie University, is involved in an excavation at Tel Abel Beth Maaca in the Upper Galilee region of Israel.

He is undertaking the project as part of his doctoral study and is actively looking for interested people – no archaeological experience necessary – to take part in the dig.

The basics

Where: Tel Abel Beth Maacah, a Bronze and Iron Age site in the Huleh Valley (it was the city of Abel Beth Maacah that Sheba ben Bichri fled to after calling for a revolt against David in 2 Samuel 20).
When: Sunday 25 June to Friday 21 July, 2017.
Cost: The final cost for 2017 is being finalised. However, the cost in 2016 for a new volunteer was US$1,890 for four weeks of digging (including weekends). There is no requirement to pay and stay for all four weeks.

For further information, take a moment to explore the Facebook page and the website.

Alternatively, if you have specific questions about the site or the dig contact Zachary Thomas.