Real-time medical records simulation

Published: Monday 2nd May 2016

Real-time: The eHealth Medical Recording System is gives students an authentic hospital experience

The requirements of a time-sensitive, real-time simulation verses those of the academic timetable were always going to challenge the developers of the ACU eHealth Simulation.

As part of creating an authentic learning experience, one Learning for Life project is simulating an eHealth Medical Records System that records the student’s management of a patient over a number of days. This article addresses real time within this simulation.

A limitation of conventional simulations within the University environment is they either are real time or not. Consider the example where the student must simulate commencing a 6 am shift and operate in real time for the next two hours.

All actions performed must be in real time but in reference to the shift start time. This is further complicated by each student (in every class, irrespective of the actual day and time), is performing within the same shift on the same simulation day, which must be today’s date.

Furthermore, any action performed on any previous day must be logged and dated with reference to the current actual day, no matter how long ago that previous day actually was.

Finally, once all students have completed their shift, the simulation must tick over to the next (simulation) day for the patient, resetting the time back to 6am.

The ACU eHealth Simulation takes all this into account, and more. By using a model we call “Virtual Real Time” all actions a learner performs are in real time, recorded in shift time, and referenced to the current treatment day, all irrespective of the actual day and time. If the student must leave the simulation, they will return to the same simulation day and time they left.

The result is an authentic eHealth record system as students would experience within their workplace.

If you want to know more about the E-health simulation project , please contact Mr Peter Weyand, Learning for Life Educational Designer on extension: 7879 or by email: