Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) Update

Published: Tuesday 9th June 2015

Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) is a suite of government endorsed surveys for higher education, which cover the student life cycle from commencement to employment. The Social Research Centre (SRS) has been commissioned as the independent administrator of QILT. The QILT suite consists of three main survey instruments that will replace previous surveys, these include: 

The Student Experience Survey (SES), formerly the University Experience Survey (UES)

The SES replaces the former UES in name, and is essentially a continuation of the same survey instrument. The survey measures first-year and later-year onshore undergraduate students’ course experiences including student support, learning resources, learner engagement, teaching quality and skills development. This year the survey will be conducted from 3 August to 31 August 2015.

The Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) and GOS-L (Longitudinal)

The GOS focuses on graduate outcomes such as further study or employment. The survey includes graduates of onshore undergraduate and postgraduate courses that have completed the requirements of their accredited qualification. The survey replaces the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS), with data collection to occur during November and May. (The November collection period includes graduates from January to June of that calendar year and the May collection period includes graduates from July to December of the preceding calendar year).

The Longitudinal component of the survey (GOS-L) will commence in 2016 and have a similar focus to the GOS. The survey targets graduates who have completed the GOS every year for three years after graduation.

The Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS)

Contact with employment supervisors for the Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS) is made after the GOS responses have been collected. Students in the GOS are asked to provide their supervisor/employer contact details. Once this has been provided, a questionnaire is sent to the employer to assess how satisfied they are with the graduate’s skills and training. The ESS is a new survey being trialled alongside the GOS.

What are these surveys for? 

The goal of the QILT is to deliver a robust and reliable measure of teaching performance throughout the student life cycle, in addition to providing internal and external benchmarking. QILT measures students’ engagement with and experience of courses, and the quality of those courses from the students’ perspective. The Australian Government intends to make results from the surveys publicly available via a web-based format to ensure adequate information is available for students to make informed decisions about their study options. 

The Office of Planning and Strategic Management collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to administer University-wide surveys, and maintains a Survey Register to avoid over-surveying the University community.

For more information, please contact OPSM at: opsm@acu.edu.au