Melbourne Speech Pathology clinic helps stuttering children

Published: Monday 28th September 2015

stutter kids 

On Wednesday 23 September the Speech Pathology clinic, which opened in Melbourne in February this year, held its first “Connect Program Group Day”.

The day brought together six Year 3 Speech Pathology students from the Melbourne campus and four from North Sydney campuses, Department of Education Speech Pathologists and Victorian school children who stutter and their families.

Everyone ‘physically’ met for the first time on Wednesday as all previous clinical services had been provided using telehealth.

Simone Arnott, National Professional Practice Education Coordinator (Speech Pathology), in the School of Allied Health said: “I had a dream to set up a telehealth stuttering clinic which would service children who stutter in schools. However, the bigger plan was to provide training to the school-based speech pathologists who don’t feel equipped to assess or treat the children who stutter on their caseloads.”

Simone’s dream has come true, shared by the wonderful supervision and support of ACU speech pathologists Cathy Taylor and Michelle Donaghy, and many others.

The Connect Program is not yet complete. ACU students will continue to deliver weekly telehealth treatment and training services until the end of October, as well as facilitating a stuttering Professional Development day for speech pathologists on 13 October.