‘Prospective Memory and Emotion Regulation: Could both be spared ageing effects?’

Published: Wednesday 27th April 2016

Join us for the May instalment of IHA’s Live Long Live Well colloquium, where we will be joined by Professor Peter Rendell from ACU’s School of Psychology.

Peter will present on ‘Prospective Memory and Emotion Regulation: Could both be spared ageing effects?’ at 2pm on Wednesday 4 May.

Professor Peter Rendell is the Director of the Cognition and Emotion Research Centre at ACU. Peter is a recognised leader in research involving cognitive ageing, and particularly prospective memory (remembering to do things in the future, like taking medication and attending appointments).

Peter also investigates the impact of ageing on emotion processing. His research looks at memory and social cognition in other groups including children, people with autism, chronic heart failure and substance use. He is CI on two current ARC Discovery Grants, one investigating social cognition and trust with older adults and their vulnerability to financial scams, and the other assessing foresight in older adults. He is also lead CI on an ARC Linkage Grant testing a memory training program of older adults.

Please note this presentation is scheduled on Australian Eastern Standard Time. Audio-visual and telephone conferencing facilities are available for our ACU colleagues across different campuses. Colleagues outside the university may participate by teleconference, or by attending in person at Level 6, 215 Spring Street in Melbourne.

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