ACU saves $150,000 on electricity

Published: Wednesday 5th August 2015

Equipment upgrades to key buildings at Melbourne, Strathfield and Canberra campuses have delivered a combined saving of $150,000 and 600,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, according to the latest figures from the Properties and Facilities Directorate.

At Strathfield Campus, a sweeping program to improve the performance of air-conditioning units slashed the main campus’s electricity bills by $100,000 in the five months from November 2014 to March this year.

The program also saved 175,000 kilowatt hours – the equivalent annual power consumption of 32 Strathfield households - and avoided the emission of 150 tonnes of greenhouse gas.

To make the savings, the campus facilities team undertook intensive maintenance of the campus’s 130-plus air conditioners to make sure they were operating at their maximum efficiency in time for Sydney’s hottest and most humid months. 

The Strathfield team plans further energy reductions in coming months, with a series of lighting upgrades expected to deliver annual savings of around 80,000 kilowatt hours.

Meanwhile, a new heating and air-conditioning system installed in the Signadou building of Canberra campus has cut more than 60,000 kilowatt hours – equivalent to two months’ electricity consumption at the campus - and saved around $15,000 in the five months to May. The new system is expected to reduce Signadou’s annual electricity consumption by 25 per cent.

In Melbourne, a major upgrade of the heating and cooling equipment for the Mary Glowrey Building has saved around $30,000 and 400,000 kilowatt hours of electricity so far this year.

In fact, the amount of electricity saved by Melbourne campus in those six months would power the whole of Ballarat Campus for a year. The power saving has also avoided the emission of 430 tonnes of greenhouse gas.