Professional development opportunities

Published: Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Listed below are a number of upcoming professional development programs and networking events available across the tertiary education sector. Staff are encouraged to review learning opportunities and to liaise with their supervisor if they are interested in participating. 

You can register through the links provided. If you have any questions please contact Erin Ryan on ext 2151. 

In addition to the listings below, specialised training workshops are also provided by HR, LTC, Finance and Research to assist staff in developing their skills at ACU. Please see ACU's Training and Development webpage for more details on these workshops or to browse the ACU training calendar. 

Study support

The University supports staff learning - eligible staff can apply for Study Support for a nationally-recognised award course of study from a public or private provider (subject to eligibility criteria).  For more information on Study Support visit the HR website.

Australian Catholic University




Several dates - 2014 Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Catholic Culture
Explore what true leadership means in a Catholic context, and develop a deeper understanding of Catholic identity, ethos and mission and its integration in modern organisations.
National Several dates - 2014 Postgraduate SPLASH units
SPLASH units are master's level units and may be used as credit towards a Master of Theological Studies or a Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies. Interested participants may also audit (not for credit, no assessment) these units for their personal interest.  They are delivered in intensive mode and upcoming units include: Issues in Contemporary Ethics, and The Gospels of the Liturgical Year: The Gospel of Mark.
MelbourneWednesday evenings: 30 July – 20 August 2014

A Short Course in Jesus and the Gospels
An opportunity to explore the four Gospels and their understanding of Jesus:
*    What are the Gospels?
*    Why were they written?
*    What is their theological message?
*    How does each Gospel understand Jesus' life, death and Resurrection?
*    What are the similarities between the Gospels?
*    What are the differences?

Step inside the world of early Christianity with experts from the School of Theology at ACU.

Several dates - 2014 Master of Business Administration (Executive)
The MBA (Executive) is designed for experienced managers and professionals who aspire to executive roles - critical and creative thinkers for whom ethical, informed and sustainable decision-making will define their management style.  The course is designed to allow each unit to be taught intensively over the course of 24 weekends.  Invest in your future and enhance your skills to progress your career. 

Universities Australia Executive Women (UAEW)

 15 August 2014Creating Executive Presence
This great-value workshop will be hosted at ACU’s North Sydney campus.  Attend to hear insights from Jenny Morawska, CEO of the Morawska Group – a thought leader who will challenge you to enhance your executive competency.

Liquid Learning

20-21 August 2014National Higher Education Women’s Leadership Summit 2014
This Summit will impart insights, strategies and skills for existing and aspiring female leaders to help them achieve career success in higher education.  Hear advice from highly effective women in academic and professional careers and learn how to encourage and sustain excellence in leadership.

Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM)

LocationDate & TimeProgram
Sydney5 August 2014
9:30am – 4:00pm   
Marketing And Communications Management Symposium
In 2013, we held a successful a symposium for the marketing, communication and PR professionals of the tertiary sector in Melbourne. In 2014, we will be holding the symposium in Sydney. Leading discussion will be Dr Stephen Holmes from The Knowledge Partnership. The Knowledge Partnership sponsor our best practice award in Marketing Communications and Public Relations.
06 August 2014
7:30am – 9:00am
Breakfast With Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall
Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall, Co-Director of the Marshall Centre for Infectious Diseases Research and Training at the University of Western Australia, will speak about his world-leading research and the role of universities in fostering and supporting such research. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion.
8 August 2014
2:00pm – 5:00pm
Challenges Of Multi-Campus Operations: Panel Discussion
The shape and form of Australian universities has changed considerably.  Today, we are part of vibrant and dynamic multi-campus institutions, with campuses not only spread across urban and regional areas, but across states and now overseas. Please join us as we explore the implications of this growth with four key leaders from the Bass region.  How can universities work effectively across the complexity thrown up by multi-campus operations – from culture to curriculum, from matters of scale to systems?  This will be a fascinating exploration of the challenges and opportunities of multi-campus operations.
18 – 19 August 2014
9:00am – 5:00pm
Accidental Counsellor For The Tertiary Education Sector
Accidental Counsellor equips people who have no counselling experience with the skills to face issues that can arise when helping others. The course introduces a variety of methods non-counsellors can employ, from non-judgemental listening to referral to appropriate agencies. The program will use case studies from the tertiary sector to ensure relevance to all tertiary education professionals.
21 August 2014
9:00am – 4:30pm
Delivering Powerful Presentations
Delivering a powerful presentation requires the use many tools, including choosing the correct delivery method, using appropriate technology, creating amazing content, and adopting an impressive style of presentation. Presentation Skills Training Course provides skill development in each stage of the process of preparing and delivering a captivating presentation. This training course is designed to help participants develop mastery over the each skill required for giving influential presentations.

ACU holds a corporate membership with ATEM which allows staff to attend programs at a reduced rate. When registering, indicate that you work for ACU and you will be entitled to the Affiliate rate. View ATEM's 2014 Training Calendar.

LH Martin Institute

Online28 July - 19 September 2014

Leading and Managing Research
This subject provides an overview of key elements of research leadership and management in an institutional setting.

Online28 July – 19 September 2014

External Quality Assurance
An international overview of how different governments approach QA in tertiary education.

31 July – 1 August 2014
9:00am – 4:30pm
9:00am – 12:30pm
University Fee De-regulation: Markets, Strategy and Pricing - Discussion and Simulation Forum
Understanding market dynamics, student demand and competitors as well as the cost of provision will be critical to developing institutional and pricing strategies in a deregulated higher education market. This interactive forum focuses on understanding market positioning and the internal cost base of different disciplines and programs and the margins required to optimize cross subsidization and longer term sustainability.
14 –  15 August 2014
9:00am – 5:00pm
9:00am – 3:30pm   
Tertiary Education Leadership: Leadership and Ourselves
The Leadership and Ourselves workshop focusses on our own leadership styles and how academic and administrative leaders can develop skills to get the best outcomes for our institutions. Throughout the program participants will be given time to analyse and reflect with peers on presentations from experienced sector leaders about their own personal challenges and growth.
18 August 2014
10:00am – 4:00pm
Effectively Handling Allegations and Investigations of Research Misconduct
Research in Australian universities is governed by the voluntary Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research, which sets out processes for managing breaches of the Code or allegations of research misconduct. It further explains the responsibilities and rights of researchers if they witness research misconduct.
21 August 2014
2014 Higher Education Policy Seminars - Building System Settings
The 2014 Policy Seminars address contemporary debates, providing a forum for leaders from across Australia's education and government sectors to discuss issues of national significance

 Australian Higher Education Industrial Association (AHEIA)

12 August 2014
Managing Performance
This 3 hour workshop adapted from AHEIA's popular People Manager Program focuses on the practical considerations for managing performance and disciplinary issues in universities. This workshop is specifically designed for university staff responsible for managing others and staff who provide information and advice on performance and disciplinary issues. Participants will learn about and discuss the relevant legal framework key legal principles and the informal and formal processes involved.

View AHEIA's 2014 Training Calendar.

Online Training Library

ACU staff have free unlimited access to a vast online library of training videos at
Below is a summary of new videos recently added to the online training library that may be of interest to you.  To browse the whole library, log in using your ACU staff username and password.  Interactive exercise sheets are also available to some topics so you can practise your new skills.

Don't have time to watch a whole video?  No problem – the videos are broken into useful sub-topic chapters, so you can still brush up on some quick tips even if you only have 5-10 mins to spare!




Writing Recommendations
10m 57sIn this short course, Kelley School of Business lecturer and author Judy Steiner-Williams shows you the elements of a strong recommendation letter and how to use specificity to make your remarks memorable and relevant. At the end of the course, you'll also see how to ask for a recommendation if you need someone to write one for you.
Breaking Out of a Rut33m 30sIs your creativity stuck in a rut?  From techniques to get you thinking alternatively to life-changing educational opportunities, the course serves to bust every level of creative rut with actionable ideas and encouragement that's designed to get you back on the path to creative success.
Managing Your Manager
1hr 31mins
Author, keynote speaker, and coach Dr. Todd Dewett shows how to manage your reputation and one of your most important work relationships: your rapport with your boss. Discover how to understand your manager's world, preferences, and lingo; support your boss's goals; be a help rather than a hindrance; and lead by offering solutions. Plus, learn tips on how to manage particularly difficult types of bosses.