Prayer requests for staff

Published: Thursday 30th July 2015


A new feature has been added to the ACU website with the opportunity for staff to request prayers for their needs or other intentions.

Under the Catholic Identity section, the box listing Campus Mass times has been expanded to also include a Prayer Requests option.

Staff have the option of requesting that their intentions are prayed for by the Campus Ministry Team only, or also at Mass by the Campus Chaplain (either publicly or privately).

There is also an opportunity to request a meeting with a pastoral associate from the Campus Ministry team.

This is part of the offerings of the  new Campus Ministry Team which now recognizes the specific pastoral and faith support needs of both staff and students.

Of course, anyone can pray for themselves. However, in the Judeo-Christian tradition, prayer for others has been long valued.

Since Abraham, intercession - asking on behalf of another has been characteristic of a heart attuned to God's mercy, states the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

It adds that, “in the age of the Church, Christian intercession participates in Christ's, as an expression of the communion of saints.” In intercession, the one who prays, looks not only to their own interests, but also to the interests of others.

Campus Ministry has been at the heart of Australian Catholic University from the University’s foundation a quarter of a century ago. Keeping that focus alive and relevant is a challenge for any organisation, and ACU is adapting to the rapid growth of students and staff on campus with renewed vigour.

The University has introduced a new model of Campus Ministry, creating a number of key pastoral roles on each of our campuses. Five years of expansion have meant rethinking how Campus Ministry is delivered across the University.

Under the new structure Campus Ministry can provide specialised pastoral support for students and staff and be a stronger national presence with a specific focus on arranging engaging activities and events to enhance the overall student and staff experience on each campus.

The new model provides a direct approach to students and staff, and draws from the latest developments in tertiary ministry from some of the leading Catholic universities from around the world. Our Chaplains (Catholic Priests and Permanent Deacons) on our Campuses will be better placed to provide vibrant, relevant, and engaging campus ministry delivery on each campus.

Maintaining contemporary opportunities for staff and student formation in the Catholic intellectual tradition is an ongoing commitment. Campus Ministry strives to provide a mission that is socially engaging, and that includes ACU’s international and multi-faith community. To keep it relevant to people’s lives and support professional and student development, we aim to keep it personally enriching and respectful of the dignity that each person brings to the University.

This includes communal and personal prayer, retreats, discussion groups, social justice activities, immersion experiences and community engagement, particularly with other Catholic agencies.

As a proudly Catholic university, ACU encourages students to explore mission-focused activities, church-related professions and religious vocations, their relevance to ACU’s graduate attributes, together with staff and students’ own personal vocational choices.

Pastoral Associates for staff are now in place at most Campuses. The easiest way to make contact is to put in a prayer request through the web site or visit your Campus Ministry office.