Postgraduate week 2014

Published: Wednesday 8th October 2014

Postgraduate week will take place from Monday 27 October to Friday 31 October.

Prospective students connecting with ACU

In place of attending an in-person postgraduate information event, prospective students will be invited to make an appointment, online, at a time that suits the student, requesting a one-on-one discussion with a postgraduate expert.

Subsequent discussions will take place via a phone call which will originate from the ACU postgraduate expert:-.

  • faculty staff member relevant to the prospective student’s study interest;
  • post graduate student centre staff member advising on items such as how to apply, scholarship opportunities, key dates, etc.

Postgraduate Week Staff Attendance

ACU staff will not be required to attend an in-person event or expo.  Instead staff identify times throughout postgraduate week that they will be available to initiate calls and discuss postgraduate study with prospective students.


Postgraduate Week will be promoted via an integrated campaign consisting of:

  • External advertising – press and digital channels
  • Public relations
  • ACU website messaging
  • ACU social media posts and reminders
  • Register Your Interest database marketing
  • Target alumni via electronic marketing tactics.