Photo competition puts ACU on student radar

Published: Wednesday 22nd June 2016

The Pixel Prize competition is open to high school students in years 7 -12 from NSW, ACT, Vic and Qld who have a passion for photography. The theme for The Pixel Prize 2016 photography competition is ‘My Generation’.

There has been strong interest in photomedia among high school students. We see that a large number of our entrants own a higher level consumer or professional grade SLR camera and use them.

The students like the idea of an exhibition and competition in this media. The students get to be assessed by an established documentary photographer in Sandy Edwards, who always does a great job with her speech and comments about the students work.

The post opening discussions between her and the entrants is amazing. Sandy sets the bar for us as being a serious competition and exhibition.

The competition raises awareness of ACU because a large number of schools are sent a poster to display. The word of mouth and the repeat interest from the schools indicate that because of the Pixel, we are on their radar. Teachers and heads come to the opening in the art building gallery, and that's another benefit.