Participants wanted for research on the effects of too much sitting and eating patterns

Published: Monday 9th November 2015

Have you ever wondered what the effects of continuous sitting are on your blood sugar levels after eating a meal? ACU researchers are looking for volunteers aged between 45 to 65, who rarely exercise, and live in Melbourne, to take part in some important research. Participants will be compensated $500 for their time.

While there is some thinking that eating larger meals at the end of the day may contribute to the development of obesity and other comorbidities such as Type 2 diabetes, there is very little scientific evidence to support this. Furthermore, several recent studies have shown that time spent in prolonged periods of sedentary behaviour (i.e. sitting) may have numerous adverse health effects. A new question we would now like to investigate is whether varying eating patterns during prolonged sitting has different effects on the regulation of blood sugar levels.

Benefits to participation

  • various metabolic tests (oral glucose tolerance test, fasting glucose, insulin, fats and appetite hormones) which will be reported to you in an individual report at the conclusion of your participation in the study
  • participants can complete work activities on their own personal computers if required throughout the trial days
  • advancing medical research
  • two days of food provided at no personal cost
  • compensation of $500 for your time in the study to offset travel/parking expenses.

Who can participate?

  • males and females aged 45- 65 years
  • live a sedentary lifestyle (very little to no regular exercise)
  • be able to attend the ACU Fitzroy campus on at least five occasions (twice for a 9 hour trial days) over a 3-4 week period.


For more information please contact:

Miss Evelyn Parr


Phone: 0413 477 697