Opportunity to engage & learn more about Learning for Life

Published: Monday 12th October 2015

In collaboration with the faculties, the Learning for Life Project Office is holding Town Hall meetings on thefollowing ACU campuses: Canberra, North Sydney, Strathfield, Melbourne, Brisbane & Ballarat during October–November 2015.

Link to Register for event: http://www.acu.edu.au/776713

About Learning for Life

ACU Learning for Life (L4L) is a University initiative aimed at improving learning and teaching practices at ACU. It was launched by Academic Board in early 2014 and encompasses 23 linked faculty and university projects mapped across six Hallmarks to be delivered by 2017.  Since January 2015, it has appointed six Educational Designers working across all of the ACU campuses to facilitate these projects.

Further information can be found at the newly launched L4L site: http://www.acu.edu.au/662068