New student leaders elected

Published: Monday 2nd November 2015

Message from Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students, Learning & Teaching) Professor Anne Cummins: The annual student elections recently concluded and the 2016 student leadership team will soon commence their new roles. I extend my congratulations to the newly elected Student Senator, President of ACUNSA and Campus Student Association leaders.

Student leaders contribute to University decision making. They also partner with University staff in service to the ACU community, fostering the vitality and dynamism of the campuses and of students' experience.

I am confident the new leadership team will bring great enthusiasm and skills to enhancing university life for our students.The new student leadership team comprises students from a variety of disciplines. Newly elected are:

The Student Member of Senate

Recent changes passed by the ACU Senate separate the roles of Student Senator and President of ACUNSA. The Student Senator is a member of Senate and, as such, a director of the company, Australian Catholic University Ltd. The Student Senator is also a Member of Academic Board. The roles focus on the broader governance matters of the University. Congratulations to Mr Eamon Glass in his new role as Student Senator. Eamon is a third-year Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Paramedicine Student at the Aquinas (Ballarat) campus. For two years Eamon has worked as a Student Ambassador promoting the University across regional Victoria. He is an active member of the ACU community academically and socially and participates in sporting activities.

President of ACU National Student Association (ACUNSA)

The President of ACUNSA is now a stand-alone role.The President chairs ACUNSA and works with ACUNSA, comprising the Presidents of the Campus Student Associations, to deliver the Association's objectives.Ms Ashleigh Morgan has been appointed President of ACUNSA for the term December 2015 to November 2016. Ashleigh is a third-year Education student at the McAuley (Brisbane) campus. She has held the President and Vice-President role for sequential years for the McAuley Student Association (McASA). Her previous roles have helped her gain experience and confidence to further her future goals as the President of ACUNSA.

Ballarat Campus Student Association

President  Mr Aaron McGregor has been appointed President of Aquinas Campus Student Association (ASA) for 2016. Aaron is studying Nursing/ Paramedicine and held the position of President in 2015. In his previous role he worked to enhance the culture of the student association. He is committed to creating an even stronger and more engaging student experience.

Brisbane Campus Student Association

President  Mr Justin Welfare has been appointed President of McAuley Campus Student Association (McASA) for 2016. Justin has previously been a leader of organisations including the Arts Society, Rural Committee and Indigenous Leadership Parliament.

Canberra Campus Student Association

President  Ms Katie Grubb has been appointed President of Signadou Campus Student Association (SSA) for 2016. Katie is a second-year Nursing and Paramedicine student and is the current 2015 Vice-President at SSA. Katie enjoys volunteering and working towards a positive change within the community.

Melbourne Campus Student Association

President  Mr Alexander Napolitano has been appointed President of Melbourne Campus Student Association (MCSA) for 2016. Alexander is currently in his first year of a Bachelor of Nursing degree. He is a member of the Nursing Society, MCSA and ACU student choir and enjoys participating and contributing in the events held on campus. He is passionate about student issues, ethics and advocacy.

North Sydney Campus Student Association

President Mr John Ryan-Thomas has been appointed President of MacKillop Campus Student Association (MAKSA) in 2016. John is a Commerce/Law student with leadership experience across a number of areas within the University. John has held the position of Mackillop Law Society Vice-President and Treasurer. John was also the Vice-President of MAKSA in 2015.

Strathfield Campus Student Association

President  Ms Sarah Silverstro has been appointed President of Strathfield Campus Student Association (SCSA) in 2016. Sarah has held the position of President for the previous year in 2015. She has been involved within SCSA for 3 years. Sarah has a broad range of knowledge and leadership experience across a number of areas within the university.ACU Postgraduate Student Association national leaders will soon be selected, and 2016 student leaders in clubs and societies and Golden Key will also be active on the campuses in the new academic year.