New Student Conduct and Discipline Policy in effect from 11 February 2016

Published: Monday 29th February 2016

A new Student Conduct and Discipline Policy and Procedures for dealing Alleged Breach of Conduct and Discipline have been developed as a result of a review of Statute 10 Student Conduct and Discipline which resulted in the Statute being repealed and recast as a policy and procedures in line with the Policy on Policy Development.

The Policy and Procedures came into effect on 11 February 2016

Substantive changes to the content of the policy and procedures include the following:

  • A focus on expected conduct rather than a definition of misconduct.
  • Limiting the Designated Officer to being an investigative role, rather than a combined investigator/decision maker. The role of Decision-maker now rests with the Associate Vice-Chancellor/Campus Dean of each campus. In the case of a student not affiliated with a campus, the Chief Operating Officer will nominate which campus will be responsible for the matter.
  • Inclusion of the facility to take a pastoral approach to potential conduct matters.
  • Changes to the constitution of committees relevant to the policy.
  • Changes to the Appeals Committee membership and processes, to align them with other student appeal processes.; and
  • Use of plain English to improve readability.

I would like to encourage all staff to familiarise themselves with the new Policy, and Procedures at Student Conduct and Discipline - Policy and Procedures

Any Questions?

Please refer questions to the Policy team in the Office of the Academic Registrar