New Policies and Procedures

Published: Monday 4th January 2016

The Conferral and Graduation Policy describes how awards of ACU may be conferred; the awards to be presented at ceremonies; the official roles in, and components of, graduation ceremonies; the responsibilities for graduation; and the fees and charges that apply to graduands’ attendance at ceremonies.

The Procedures for the Conferral of Awards outlines the procedures for conferral or awards at either a graduation ceremony, in absentia or by administrative conferral.

The Procedures for Graduation Ceremonies outlines roles and procedures for the conduct of the graduation ceremony.

The Academic Dress and Regalia Policy outlines the appropriate wearing of academic dress and regalia to be observed at public ceremonies.

Staff are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these Policies and Procedures.

General queries regarding their implementation can be directed to Vanessa Morrissey, National Manager, Graduations and Protocol on extension 2697, or by email