Research to Practice Series: New issue now available

Published: Wednesday 4th March 2015

The Research to Practice Series links the findings of research undertaken by ACU's Institute of Child Protection Studies (ICPS) to the development of policy and practice in the area of child, youth and family welfare.

This issue discusses the experiences of biological children of foster carers; their caring roles and responsibilities, the positive impacts and challenges of fostering and the needs of biological children. It is based on a qualitative scoping study, which held focus groups in Canberra with biological children of foster carers aged from eight to 18 years, and with foster parents, about the experience of fostering for biological children.

Issue 8 of the series is now available to download.

You can also access the following back-issues from this page.

  • Issue 1: Interventions and practice principles for supporting young people who are homeless
  • Issue 2: Identity and meaning in the lives of vulnerable young people
  • Issue 3: Younger mothers: Stigma and support
  • Issue 4: Children with parents in prison
  • Issue 5: Supporting fathers who are homeless
  • Issue 6: Supporting young carers in education
  • Issue 7: Child-centred practice

For more information about the Research to Practice Series, please contact Erin Barry via email.

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