New Finance System implementation updates

Published: Monday 13th February 2017

In January 2017, ACU implemented a new Finance System TechnologyOne. This has replaced the existing Sun Finance System.

What is the direct impact on my work due to this change?
The existing Sun account codes and the organisation unit codes (cost centre / project) have changed due to the new Finance System implementation. In addition, when recording transactions, you are asked to provide an additional two components namely Entity (location) and Source of Funds (SoF).

How can I convert the existing Sun codes to TechnologyOne?
A conversion table is available for you to quickly obtain the Sun equivalent,

  • Cost centre / Project codes
  • Natural accounts (account code)
  • Entity (location)
  • Source of Funds (SoF)

Click on the link below to view the conversion table.


Once you have opened the excel spreadsheet, go to the “lookup” tab and simply enter in the highlighted area the Sun code to obtain the new codes.  It will also generate the Entity (location) and Source of Funds (SoF) codes for you.Image of finance conversion table.

We will continuously update this site for you and for additional information please access the Finance Website.

Who has access to the TechnologyOne Finance System now?
The new Finance System will be progressively rolled out to the business areas upon completion of the required training. Currently, the Finance team including the Faculty Finance Managers / Finance Officers have access to TechnolgyOne.

How can I book my training and is this training for me?
The training has been organised for all end users during Q1-Q2 and yes, the changes will effect most ACU staff. Therefore we strongly encourage you to attend the training sessions.

Click here to book yourself in for a required training session.

If you require assistance or would like to leave us feedback, please contact:

Scott Jenkins, Director of Finance (

Mitch Srbinovski, Assoc. Director of Financial Operations (

Paul Zappia, Assoc. Director, Financial Corporate Services (

Kamini Nagodavithane, Finance Systems Manager (

Keng Ong, Project Manager (