New Concierge Help Desk

Published: Monday 1st August 2016

The new Concierge Help Desk commenced on 1 August and marked another milestone in the development and expansion of ACU. The Concierge Help Desk will continue to support and assist the existing campus concierge teams with enhanced and improved service delivery across all campuses. This service is available for all students and staff at ACU by accessing the Concierge request on the ACU Staff home page, dialing 03 9230 8333 or submitting an email to The Concierge Help Desk will provide services accustomed to our campus concierge such as airconditioning, electrical and plumbing concerns, logistics, along with mail and room reservations. The Concierge Help Desk will also be a central point for requests involving security, keys, fobs, cleaning and tea room services.

Ongoing enhancements to the system will continue over the next three to six months and any service improvements, comments or feedback regarding this service can be directed to