New ceremonial mace celebrates 25th anniversary

Published: Monday 27th July 2015


A new ceremonial mace celebrating Australian Catholic University’s 25th anniversary was blessed at a Senate Mass on July 23.

Originally a weapon, universities adopted the ceremonial mace as a symbol of the power of the academic quest for truth and wisdom and as a symbol of institutional authority.

Australia’s oldest traditional silversmith, W J Sanders, was commissioned to craft the mace, which encapsulates the traditions and values of ACU.

It was made in sterling silver and design elements include ornate floral designs in high detail relief representing the foundation three states and territory of the ACU.

There are two coloured panels front and back featuring the University crest and the University cross and motto featured on the lid. The University crest is enameled to create a colour feature.

Its presence is a tradition at graduations, Senate meetings and other academic events in institutions of higher learning around the world.

It is carried, in procession, in front of the Chancellor at graduation ceremonies and will be present at future Senate meetings as a symbol of the authority of the Chancellor and the Senate.

When not in use, the ceremonial mace will be on display in the Apostolic Delegation Room in the Vice-Chancellery building in North Sydney. ACU’s previous mace will be retained as a permanent exhibit in the ACU history showcase.