New book

Published: Wednesday 24th June 2015

Eminent Australian historian, Dr John Hirst has documented the founding years of ACU in a new book, Australia’s Catholic University:  The First Twenty-Five Years. It explains how a Catholic university funded by the government came into existence, highlights the University’s commitment to students and staff working for the common good, and profiles individuals who have worked at the University, some for its full 25 years.  

The book is beautifully crafted and produced, and will make an excellent addition to your personal library.  Copies can be purchased from the Coop Bookshop on each campus or online  (  for $35.  

Dr Hirst is Emeritus Scholar at La Trobe University and Honorary Professor of History at the University of Sydney.

He has written books on convicts, the origins of democracy in New South Wales, Federation, Albert Facey, the republic, Australian democracy, and a guide to government and law in Australia which was distributed to schools nationally.

He was co-editor of the Oxford Companion to Australian History. His most recent books are Sense and Nonsense in Australian History, The Australians: Insiders and Outsiders on the National Character since 1770, The Shortest History of Europe and Looking for Australia.