New appointments in ACU Research

Published: Wednesday 17th September 2014

The Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) is pleased to announce two new appointments.


Mr Rod Lewis is the Senior Manager, Research Systems and Reporting and Dr Andrew Schrader is Senior Manager, Research Grants and Contracts.


Both Rod and Andrew will be working closely with researchers, students and senior colleagues across the University to contribute to the current research intensification strategy.


Rod and Andrew are based in North Sydney.


Mr Rod Lewis, Senior Manager, Research Systems and Reporting


“I’m very pleased to be taking up the role of Senior Manager, Research Systems and Reporting. The Research Systems and Reporting team plays a vital role in collecting and managing information on ACU’s growing research activity and will be instrumental in providing information management support to researchers and research students as part of the research intensification process.


Prior to taking up the role at ACU, I worked for a software company involved in the development and distribution of research administration systems.  Previously I have held a number of roles at the University of Newcastle including research systems manager and Associate Director for Research Systems & Integrity.


I have also worked on collaborative projects with a number of other Australian and New Zealand universities in the areas of Student System development and research compliance reporting.”


Dr Andrew Schrader, Senior Manager, Research Grants and Contracts


“I am responsible for coordinating all activities of the Research Grants and Contracts and Research Support Teams within the Office of the DVC (Research). These teams are crucial to the success of ACU applications for research funding, ongoing management of grants and contracts and increasing research capability of our staff. With the support of my team, I will work closely with the ADRs, Institute Senior Managers, Research and Development and the Office of General Counsel to streamline grants submission and contract development processes.


I also manage the Collaborative Research Networks (CRN) Program for the University and the associated research training and development initiatives that are part of the Program (in collaboration with the University of Melbourne).


I have a PhD in Molecular Virology (Monash), was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Sydney (genetics of human diseases) and spent many years in the corporate sector managing scientific and medical affairs in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries.  More recently, I have worked in both public and private higher education institutions in the areas of policy, compliance, student administration and course development management.  


I joined ACU in 2010 to assist with the establishment of the Faculty of Business at ACU and was later seconded to ACU Research to manage the CRN Program before taking up this new position.”