New and revised HR policies and procedures

Published: Wednesday 7th January 2015

The University continues to review and update HR and related policies and procedures following the approval of the Australian Catholic University Staff Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017 (the Agreement) that came into effect on 19 March 2014, and as necessary to ensure compliance with legislation.

The following revised HR policies relating to a range of employment provisions were considered by the ACUSCC at the meeting held on 27 November 2014.
Following consultation, the Acting Vice-Chancellor has approved the following updated documents, effective from 18 December 2014:

  • This Policy has been updated to incorporate the provisions of the Australian Catholic University Staff Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017.
  • This is a new policy, and provides information about the conditions of employment that relate to the conversion of sessional staff and procedures for conversion of sessional staff.
  • This Policy has been updated to be consistent with the Academic Workload Policy and Paid Outside Work Policy.
  • This Policy has been amended to clarify arrangements for fractional and part-time staff.
The updated documents are available on the Policies & Procedures pages of the ACU website under HR and may be accessed via the links embedded above. You may need to refresh the individual policy page to ensure that the latest version of the policy is displayed.
Accordingly, the Acting Vice-Chancellor has revoked the following previously implemented policies:
  • Employment of Sessional Academic Staff Policy (dated 4 October 2011)
  • Paid Outside Work Policy (13 October 2014)
  • Interim Paid Inside Work Policy
  • Protection of Whistleblowers – Victoria Policy (Whistleblowers Protection Act 2001 (Victoria) [Due to legislative changes]
Please contact the HR Advisory Service on extension 4222 or if you need assistance accessing these policies.