New and Revised Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Published: Monday 7th December 2015

Learn about enhancements made to ACU Chemical Management and Work Health and Safety (WHS) risk management.  New and revised documents include the ACU Chemical Management Procedure, WHS Risk Management Procedure, WHS Risk Assessment Form and WHS Risk Assessment Form for Practical Activities/Research.

New HR document

The ACU Chemical Management Procedure has been introduced as part of ACU’s ongoing commitment to improve its management of hazards and risks within laboratories, on the University’s construction sites and within maintenance areas. The WHS risk assessment forms and Chemwatch’s Risk Management Module are used in combination with the Chemical Management Procedure, and the forms also support organisational units and student organisations to assess a range of hazards and risks that are not easily identified and resolved, which may be present within a diverse range of working and learning areas.

Updated HR documents

The University continues to review and update HR and related policies and procedures following the approval of the Australian Catholic University Staff Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017 (the Agreement) that came into effect on 19 March 2014, and as necessary to ensure compliance with legislation.

Further, the ACU Work Health and Safety Risk Management Procedure and accompanying WHS risk assessment forms respond to recommendations from the 2014 Work Health and Safety (WHS) Audit by the National Safety Council of Australia against the AS/NZS 4801:2001 Standard and the Model WHS legislation 2011. These WHS risk assessment forms are also aligned with the University’s risk management methodology and will assist organisational units to identify WHS risks as part of their annual review of their risk registers.

The Risk Management Procedure and forms have been simplified to support organisational units to engage their teams in consultations about risk and to improve their capabilities to identify and manage risk. Guidance is also provided about developing effective treatments (risk controls) which either minimise or eliminate exposure to hazards. The Procedure also advises organisational units to place WHS risks on their risk registers which are specific enough to be meaningful.
Broad consultation occurred in relation to the new and revised WHS documents, including consideration by the ACU Staff Consultative Committee, local WHS Committees, technical staff within laboratories, Heads of Schools and other senior staff, Properties and Facilities representatives, the WHS Reference Group, and the People and Culture Advisory Committee. Following consultation, the Vice-Chancellor has approved the following new and updated documents, effective from 2 December 2015:
The updated documents are available on the Policies & Procedures pages of the ACU website under HR and may be accessed via the links embedded above. You may need to refresh the individual policy page to ensure that the latest version of the policy is displayed.
Accordingly, the Vice-Chancellor has revoked the following previously implemented policy, with effect from 2 December 2015:
  • Work Health and Safety Risk Management Program Guidelines (3 Sept 2008);
  • Risk Assessment Tool for Practical Activities/Experiments; and
  • Chemical Risk Assessment Worksheet.
Please contact the HR Advisory Service on extension 4222 or if you need assistance accessing the website.