National Head of the School of Arts joins US election panel

Published: Monday 7th November 2016

The US Consul General has invited ACU’s National Head of the School of Arts, Associate Professor Michael Ondaatje, to join an expert panel at the US Consulate’s 2016 US Election Watch event in Sydney tomorrow.

Associate Professor Ondaatje will be in conversation with political journalist Annabel Crabb, and the CEO of the United States Studies Centre Professor Simon Jackson.

As election day unfolds in the US, the panel will dissect the Trump and Clinton campaigns, the election count and the state-by-state results, with around 350 business leaders, politicians, government officials, journalists and academics in attendance.

“This is an historic election featuring the two most unpopular presidential nominees ever. How America got to this point and how it will get past it will be the burning questions to consider, along with the election result itself,” Associate Professor Ondaatje said.

Associate Professor Ondaatje is an expert in American political history, with a particular focus on conservatism, foreign policy and presidential elections. He is a regular media commentator.