School in Brazil

Published: Wednesday 24th September 2014

Elizabeth dos Santos Braga will be discussing the theoretical and methodological aspects concerning a research project she has worked on in a public school in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Entitled 'Experience narratives about a school and a community: the tense intertwining of the collective and discursive memory,' the aims of the project are;
1) To investigate the relationship between memory, narrative and experience in accounts produced by subjects who participate in a school setting and/or who live in the nearby community;
2) To reflect upon the production of narratives of practices, trying to grasp in the accounts constitutive elements of a collective and discursive memory.
Articulated to this research project in a collaborative work, an extension project has been developed in order to contribute to the process of teacher education, to increase the interaction between school and community, and to rethink school identity, through the acknowledgement of experiences and memories of those who participate.
Learn about the activities researchers in Brazil have been developing in the last two years to do with developing research activities, interdisciplinary pedagogical projects, and how they have been organising a school archive, open to the community.

Date: Wednesday 15 October, 2 – 4pm  
Location: Via video conference in the following rooms across our campuses.
Ballarat 503, Brisbane AC22, Canberra 110, Melbourne 530, North Sydney TWHL16 and Strathfield VCRoom (E2.45)
RSVP: By Friday 10 October to Ana Mantilla,