myVoice results available online

Published: Monday 21st July 2014


The overall results for the myVoice staff opinion survey have now been posted on the ACU website and can be found at this link: myVoice survey 2014. Results presentations conducted by Voice Project have now been held on each campus. Nationally, over 300 staff attended these sessions to hear Voice Project explain the full context of the results and how to interpret them. The presentations were the first opportunity for staff to review the overall University results and ask questions, as well as provide feedback about the survey process. This feedback will be consolidated and put forward for consideration for the next myVoice survey.

Next steps

The results will be analysed in detail by senior leadership and a set of university-wide priorities will be scoped for further action. The themes of these organisational priorities will be embedded into the university's wider strategic frameworks and will be communicated through a variety of channels throughout 2014. Furthermore, senior leaders have received the results for each organisational area. Over time, as the results are discussed across the university's organisational structure, staff may raise and discuss any enquiries about the results with their nominated supervisor.