My Mission, My Job: Preserving dignity of staff

Published: Wednesday 9th September 2015

Robert Trinajstic 

Capabilities and Development Manager Robert Trinajstic says he draws on the values of ACU’s Mission when he designs and develops initiatives to increase staff skill, knowledge and abilities. 

“Human Resources develop programs which are inherently linked to ensuring that all staff have the opportunity to excel and grow both professionally and personally, this strengthens and supports the dignity of each person,” Robert said.

“A simple example includes models adopted for designing courses around managing difficult conversations and acknowledging that the person is at the centre of these situations and how best to diffuse workplace conflict whilst maintaining the integrity of the person and relationships.”

Robert was one of a number of ACU staff who had attended the Mission Integration Institute (MII) at the University of San Diego.

For the past three years ACU has been sending staff to the MII’s program, which caters for entry-level and mid-career professional administrators in Catholic higher education and allows them to reflect on the role and Mission of a Catholic institution.

Robert says another example of applying the Mission to his job can be seen in the ongoing development of U@ACU induction program to ensure staff receive the best knowledge and experience during the crucial time of induction and on-boarding.

"The U@ACU experience is the first time new staff have the opportunity to experience our unique Catholic character, learn about our rich Catholic history, an introduction to the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and explore our Mission and values through the lived experiences of existing staff," he said.

"The Mission Integration Institute provides the opportunity and environment to explore and further understand the role of Mission, Catholic identity and your individual role which exists within a Catholic University," Robert said.

"Professionally and personally the program and experience provided me with a deeper understanding of how the work I perform supports the Mission of the University and how I can further contribute to advance the Mission of ACU.

"Our efforts to understand and advance the Mission are not only dependent on the alignment of our work to our goals but importantly the alignment of our hearts and minds."