Institute of Positive Psychology and Education (IPPE) workshop

Published: Wednesday 14th January 2015

The Institute of Positive Psychology and Education (IPPE) invites you to attend a presentation style, two-day Multilevel Modelling workshop conducted by Dr George Leckie, a lecturer in Social Statistics at the Centre for Multilevel Modelling, Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol.

This two-day short course provides an intermediate treatment of multilevel modelling for continuous and binary responses (continuous and binary dependent or outcome variables) when the data are clustered or hierarchical. Such methods are appropriate when, for example, analysing the exam scores of students nested within schools, or the health outcomes of patients nested within hospitals. Longitudinal data are also clustered, with repeated measurements on individuals or multiple panel waves per survey respondent.

A selection of the following topics will be covered:

  1. Overview of multilevel modelling
  2. Variance-components models
  3. Random-intercept models
  4. Between and within effects of level-1 covariates
  5. Random-coefficient models
  6. Growth-curve models
  7. Binary response models I
  8. Binary response models II
  9. Multilevel modelling resources
  10. Multiple membership models
  11. Missing data
  12. Multilevel modelling resources

Day 1 — A general overview of Multilevel Modelling and is appropriate for people not already proficient in the technique

Day 2 — An open discussion of unresolved topics and issues unique to Multilevel Modelling

Attendees are welcome to join us on one or both days

Workshop details

9.00am–5.00pm, Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th February 2015
(morning and afternoon tea, and a light lunch will be provided)

Rice Theatre Hall, St Edmund Building Australian Catholic University
Level 2, 25A Barker Road
Strathfield NSW 2135


If you would like to attend the workshop please email: by Friday 23 January 2015, indicating the day(s) you wish to attend, your name, professional affiliation, and email address.

Download the Multilevel Modelling workshop invitation (PDF, 90KB)